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السبت، 10 سبتمبر 2011

Tripoli Zoo Animal Rescue Efforts

Tripoli Zoo Animal Rescue Efforts

The North Carolina Zoo is supporting the International Fund for Animal Welfare's emergency response to the animals suffering in the Tripoli Zoo. The NC Zoo and NC Zoo Society are, at the request of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, collecting donations for the Tripoli Zoo and are working with aid workers in Libya to ensure that donated funds are used to buy food and medicines for the animals. The first donation from the North Carolina Zoo, $10,000 in emergency funds, has already arrived in Libya and is supporting rescue efforts underway at the Tripoli Zoo. 

Lion in TripoliAfter intense fighting in the Libyan capital, animals at the Tripoli Zoo were left without adequate food, water and care. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW- www.ifaw.org) has already rushed in emergency funds to ensure that the animals received sufficient food and IFAW continues to work with the Tripoli Zoo to get much needed medical supplies into the war-torn country.  

North Carolina Zoo Director David M. Jones is coordinating the American zoo community's response to the situation in Tripoli and is working with various animal welfare organizations to help collect donations to provide food, medicine and care to the Tripoli Zoo's animals. The goal is to ensure that all money donated to help these animals arrives safely in Tripoli and is managed by groups, like IFAW, that have expertise in helping animals caught in emergency situations.

This lion photo is a recent picture, provided courtesy of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, documenting that emergency help has arrived at the Tripoli Zoo and that water and food is getting to the animals.